Team Working for Performance

Getting your people on board

What makes you and you staff tick?

Everyone works best when they are valued, recognised and motivated. Understanding what motivates your staff will help you to keep them focused and driven to achieve higher performance.

Managing for High Performance

Throughout their time with you, the productivity of your people directly impacts on your business. Our workshops on Managing for High Performance are designed for those responsible for driving high performance, spotting potential talent, dealing with issues and ensuring individual, team and business goals are achieved. Finding ways to develop your approach to recognition and showing how much you value your staff and their efforts is key to high performance. In this workshop we will consider different ways to recognise staff who have gone the extra mile and learn how this approach can impact on higher performance.

People Management – Delegation and individual growth

Growing and developing your people is vital to developing your business. From nurturing great managers and producing future leaders to growing high performing teams or tackling people challenges, our practical workshops ensure your managers are managing, delegating and growing their people. These workshops cover all aspects of growing and developing staff in a way that will free leaders and managers to plan and think more strategically whilst ensuring everyone is accountable, taking responsibility for the achievement of agreed goals.

Flourish in a challenging world

Change is always a difficult journey for people to take and the modern work place demands innovation, resilience and an ability to embrace change. Explore the latest techniques in one of our Flourish workshops – we will make sure you develop the right mindset and are ready and resilient, to adapt and tackle change.

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