Customer Focused Solutions

Supporting you to improve your customer experience levels by reviewing your organisational practices, identifying where the touch points and hot spots are to support the development of an improvement plan.

At Kennedy-Little Associates Ltd we are fully aware of the impact of a poor customer experience on organisations and the bottom line and as a result we are passionate about getting it right.

Using our Customer Analysis Tool as a gap analysis for improvement helps organisations to identify where they need to improve their processes, people and measurement of the customer experience.

This Analysis Tool reviews eight key themes:

  1. Leading Edge Leadership
  2. Customer Understanding
  3. Customer Focused Culture
  4. Motivated Staff
  5. Information for Excellence
  6. Delivering our Promises
  7. Problems Resolved
  8. Effective Results

We will work with your organisation to gain customer insight and feedback, along with ensuring you have the right processes in place to offer excellent customer service.

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