360 Feedback


Are you keen to develop your leadership and people management skills? Do you want to understand how others perceive your capabilities?

Do you want to increase your self-awareness? Do you want to give your team the opportunity to give you feedback in a confidential way?

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool to help individuals identify where their strengths and development needs lie. The process includes getting confidential feedback from line managers, peers and direct reports. As a result it gives individuals an insight into other people’s perceptions of their leadership abilities and behaviours.

Your report will enable robust development conversations, as you will be able to see how you rate within your organisation’s criteria and expectations.

The Approach

The Preparatory Meeting

A preparatory meeting will define:

 What do you REALLY want to find out from your staff and customers?

 The best way to find out this information.

 How you want to use the feedback.

 Agree the most suitable approach to fit your needs.

The Feedback Solutions

The process is simple, straight forward and focused around finding out:

 What you do well and what can you build on?

 What is stopping achievement and growth, and what you need to change?

 What ideas there are for improvement? What do you need to do to put things right?

We will provide you with a summary of the responses from the feedback, which will form the basis for discussions around the need for change in your organisation. Together we will agree your next steps and plan for action.

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