Staff Feedback Solutions


Find out what your staff REALLY think!
Unearth what is STOPPING your business.
Pull together their ideas for IMPROVEMENT & GROWTH
MOTIVATE your staff for change

Running your own business can be a challenge, particularly if you feel you are not getting the best out of your staff.

Staff can be the source of so many ideas and opportunities for improvement. Caught up in day to day routines, it can be difficult to take the time out you need to really talk to them.

Our diagnostic approach includes:

o Online Staff Engagement Surveys designed and delivered to meet your needs

Exploring the outcomes from your survey in greater depth through:

o Follow up one to one discussions

o Facilitated Focus Groups

Open the door for staff to share ideas and opportunities in a safe and confidential environment, thereby gaining feedback on issues and ideas they have never shared with you before. This can help you to understand what might be stopping your business from growing, and what might need to change to move your business forward.

Our approach is designed to get everyone who is involved with the business thinking; focusing on your business, creating a common enthusiasm and energy for change.

This approach can be used to:

o Identify how engaged and motivated your staff are

o Capture and understand their ideas for improvement

o Question people’s entry into the business, asking how effective and efficient your recruitment process is

o Find out how effective your on-boarding process is

o Understand the reasons why people leave

Consequently highlighting areas in the business that could be blocking your growth and identifying strategies for improvement

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