Event Feedback Solutions


Offer your participants the opportunity to give you feedback. Gain valuable insight into how participants perceive your event. Use the feedback to strengthen your marketing message with quantitative data as well as qualitative data.

Running large events takes a lot of organising; making sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted takes time, experience and a well thought out plan. It is also about knowing who will attend and why?

Understanding your participants is crucial to getting each event right. The participants are the source of this knowledge and understanding, but how often do you have chance to speak to them? Maybe occasionally, but do you reach the numbers you would like to reach?

Using an independent specialist feedback company will help you to gather this information which can help you more successfully plan future events.

Our approach is to carry out:

o A pulse check immediately after the event

o Online surveys distributed through web and social media links or emails

o Monitoring of your social media responses

o Telephone follow up calls

o Focus groups to explore the data findings in more depth

Finding out key information such as:

o How did people hear about the event?

o Why did they choose this event over others?

o Did it meet their expectations?

o How well did they think your event was organised?

o Would they recommend your event to others in the future?

Your survey will be designed to meet your needs and give you useful data for improvement, further event opportunities and future event marketing.

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